The Ultimate Fishing Destinations of the Pacific Northwest

Brian McPeek Lake

Whether you’re into the tranquility of a quiet lake, the rush of the river, or the vastness of the wild open sea, there’s always something to suit the fisherman of the Pacific Northwest.

So, if you’re thinking of heading this way, be sure to check out one of these incredible fishing spots curated by Brian McPeek. You’re guaranteed not to be disappointed.

Puget Sound, Washington

This unique lagoon just north of Seattle contains some of the most important marine life in the Americas. Saltwater from the Pacific flows inland via this network of flooded glacial valleys, with an abundance of sea life thriving as a result.

Here, in the shadow of Mount Rainier, you can fish for Sockeye salmon, Steelhead trout, Pacific Cod, and more, all with breaching orcas and even humpback whales to spot along the way. It’s the number one fishing destination for many fishing enthusiasts, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Colombia River, Washington/Oregon

Whether you’re into saltwater or freshwater fishing, you’re bound to find the perfect spot along the Colombia River, the longest river in the Pacific Northwest.

Rising in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and ending its journey in the Pacific, the river has played a vital role in the economy of the North Americas for centuries. Today, its many tributaries and abundant fish population make for a lifetime of fishing.

From Smallmouth to Largemouth Bass, Chinook to Sockeye, and everything in between, you’ll be coming back year after year without once being bored.

Potholes Reservoir

Don’t be put off by the name. What sounds like a dangerous concrete construction is instead a vibrant, 6000-foot shoreline in Potholes State Park, and has been specially created as part of the Colombia Basin Irrigation Project.

It offers year-round fishing of Walleye and Bass but if you catch it on a good year when the reservoir freezes over, you can even ice fish for Yellow Perch and Rainbow Trout.

Potholes is carefully managed and well maintained to be not only a beautiful area to both camp and fish, but also conserve species of fish and other marine life once under threat of extinction.

Brian McPeek Lake

Bighorn Lake, Montana

And if ice fishing’s your bag, then you can do no wrong with Bighorn Lake. Offering the choice of fishing from the shoreline or from a boat, this huge spot nestled in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is a reservoir that stretches the length of the Bighorn Canyon.

Among some of the most stunning views on offer in the whole of the Northwest United States, you can ice fish in winter, fly fish in Spring and Summer, and sit at Horseshoe Bend fishing dock all year round.

With Lake, Brown, and Rainbow trout all up for grabs, along with Smallmouth Bass, Carp, Sauger, and even Shovelnose Sturgeon, you’ll always find plenty of fish at your disposal.

For the more competitive fisherman, there are carp fly fishing tournaments held every year, but however you choose to fish, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful spot.

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