5 Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing and the Skills Companies Look For

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When the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a global shift towards e-commerce and digital consumer experiences, it also created a demand for digital marketing specialists. In fact, Brian McPeek explains that more than half of the jobs posted on LinkedIn and job search sites are for people in digital roles.

These are some of the hot jobs in digital marketing, the tasks involved, and the skills that most companies will look for.

Digital strategists

Digital marketing encompasses several activities that include website content, search engine optimization, online advertising and marketing, email marketing, lead generation, marketing analytics, and more.

All these activities must be carefully aligned and orchestrated. That is usually done by the digital strategist (sometimes called the digital marketing director, chief marketing officer, digital project manager, or digital officer—depending on the company structure and size).

The digital strategist sets the marketing objectives and aligns them with the bigger business objectives. He or she will also set the budget and metrics for success, and work with the rest of the team to create and implement the marketing calendar.

As the team leader, digital strategists need to have both digital and organizational skills.

Content creators

The success of any digital marketing campaign rests on high quality content. Content creators include writers, graphic designers, video producers and editors.

Larger companies may employ specialists, such as an SEO writer for their website and blog content, and a copywriter for online ads and social media posts. Others will hire a writer who is capable of doing all.

While it is common to have a writer and a graphic designer work in tandem, those who can do both writing and design definitely have an advantage. The increasing demand for video content will also make production and editing skills a “must” for anyone who is interested in a career in content creation.

SEO/SEM specialists

According to experts, the demand for search engine optimization and search engine marketing specialists increase by 100% a year. They play a critical role in website ranking, lead generation and rate of conversion, and the total reach or views of digital marketing campaigns.

SEO/SEM specialists need training and certification (and because of the way search engines change their algorithms, the training really never ends).

SEO SEM Specialist

Data analysts and specialists

Data informs the digital strategy. It can help identify a target segment, generate a database of leads, and show which campaigns or sales initiatives let to the highest clicks or conversions.

The emergence of Big Data, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence have also led to a new breed of specialists who can understand and analyze this technology, and then apply it to digital marketing campaigns. These specialists will have a computer science or programming background, aside from understanding business and marketing needs.

Data analysts and specialists are in high demand and can thus command one of the highest salaries.

Social media and community managers

Social media gives brands the opportunity to interact directly with customers. That is why social media or community managers don’t just create or schedule posts—their jobs include responding to comments or any direct messages, and actively nurturing their loyalty and engagement.

This is an important role, since irate customers often go to social media to air their complaints about the brand. Without proper community management, bad reviews can ruin a brand’s reputation.

Careers in digital marketing

The role of digital marketing is expected to expand even more, as more companies embrace the digital trend, and new technology creates more opportunities for them to sell products and engage consumers. Finding a digital marketing job today may just be the first step to a long, exciting and dynamic career.

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